About me...

Southern California Wedding and Portrait Photographer

Adventuring throughout Southern California to capture gorgeous weddings and portraits in Orange County, Los Angeles County, and the Inland Empire.

I believe.. 

in Disneyland ~ in traveling to far away lands ~ that NYC may be the greatest city ever ~ my two littles are my fave people.. EVER ~ in endless days at the beach ~ in nachos and sushi.. but not together ~ in investing in yourself ~ in lake days ~ in Netflix ~ in everything PINK ~ that curly hair don't care ~ in everything glitter ~ in coffee~ in mom buns ~ in love ~ in dirty martinis ~ in guilty pleasures ~ I will always be a Cali girl ~ in ROCK 'N' ROLL.

I believe tomorrow is never promised so we need to leave our footprint for our loved ones that follow.

Document the laughs and smiles, even the tears. Take ALL the photos!

Leave memories so stories can be told and new memories made. 

Memories do fade but photographs last a lifetime.

I can be there for you.

About You...

So here's what I'll tell you: photography is my thing. I've been doing it for years and not only am

I good at it, I have a great time working with clients and delivering pictures on a daily basis.

Right now, photography is my sole focus and, as a result, I have truly honed my craft.

I thrive behind the camera. It's where I live and it's also what fuels my life. My sessions are

always laid back, yet professional, and I'm ultra efficient when it comes to the business side of

things, as well. I do everything in my power to get your pictures to you quickly and just the way

you like them.

I've also been told I'm a cool person to hang out with, so I've got that going for me, as well :)

Seriously, though, don't take my word for it. Check out my photography portfolio to see if my

style vibes with yours. Also make sure you read through some client reviews over on the site.

And, as I've said before, don't hesitate to reach out with questions! I'm here to work with you.



[email protected]